Welcome  to  AVIV Dance Company!

AVIV is a unique dance platform, which uses its identity to connect dancers in the Netherlands and abroad. The platform offers talented dancers, graduated dancers of choreographers a place to develop and perform, by which to inspire others.

    ‘In Him we move and have our being

-Acts 17:28-


It is a privilege to cooperate with AVIV’s talented dancers. They are professional, flexible and top-level dancers. We are proud of the result of the videoclip and are looking forward to working together in the future.

Frank van der Velde
Producer and director

Thanks to AVIV, my dancing has been brought back to God. Slowly, step by step, I am reopening to changes. After an aimless time I have found direction and new, close friends. AVIV was a part of an important crossroads in my life. I would like to thank God in the first place and AVIV secondly for taking such beautiful initiatives.

Tushar Changoer
Dancer, teacher and choreographer

AVIV Dance Company visited us during the 40th Christian artists seminar, at the end of July 2019. It was a gripping and impressive performance. Great to see young people dance so elegantly and professionally.

Leen La Rivière
Chairman of Christian Artists

AVIV United was a great weekend to dance and meet people. Worshipping God with all kinds of fun, believing colleagues who dance is great. I am looking forward to develop as a Christian choreographer.

Miranda van Toor
Dancer, choreographer and professional artist

Our association “Sound of Gospel” asked AVIV for a workshop choir choreography. We have tremendously enjoyed this workshop, where we were immediately made feel comfortable ánd we learned movements suitable for our choir. A big advantage of AVIV is the Christian identity of the dancers, just like our choir members. It proved to be a great match, because not only in song but in movement we want to praise God. Hopefully we can ask AVIV to help us once more.

Laura Mukrab
Management Sound of Gospel

AVIV is searching for new dancers and guest choreographers for the different companies and projects.

Naast onze companies hebben we een danswerkplaats voor amateurdansers. Wil je ook samen trainen, creëren en improviseren om zo te groeien in techniek en samen mooie choreografieën te maken? Stuur ons dan een mail!

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