We offer separate workshops and/or performances for primary or secondary schools. This programme is brought to you by professional dance teachers and dancers.

We also offer dance days. This means that we work with a group to make a show with the students on the basis of a theme and different dancing styles. This show can be performed in front of the parents and/or fellow students.

We work from our shared Christian identity, which shows in our norms and values. If you would like us to, we love working with a Biblical theme.


Children’s piece ‘Game of Rings’

During 35 minutes the public will be captivated with a dynamic dance performance which combines humour, jest, pain and grief. It is a piece of dancing which emphasises the importance of friendship and acceptation. In the piece of dancing the theme of diversity is investigated within a society that underscores a unique self.

Diversity and uniqueness are expressed by showing the differences between the dancers. Every dancer has its own colour, character and language. There will be a live musician from Turkey with a bunch of different timbres, which also impersonates diversity.

Through dance and versatile interactions themes like friendship, playing together, bullying, forgiveness and acceptation are covered. We do not only want to stimulate the creativity of our target audience, but we also want to transfer a deeper message. Dance is a language that everyone speaks, which transcends cultural boundaries and establishes a connection between people.

This piece is suitable as a family show and as a show that can be divided in workshops for primary education. Besides that we are able to custom make this show to fit special needs children or hearing impaired children.

Testing phase:

In the spring of 2019, based on a rough draft of the show, we had dancers who were in training or advanced perform the show. The show was presented on the festival Opwekking in the theatre tent and also in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital. Despite not having finished the dance show and not representing the level of quality the final product will have, the show was very well received. From the recordings of the show we have made a preliminary trailer.

Additional information for primary schools:

Connection to citizenship education:

“Citizenship education aims to contribute to the development of active, involved, curious and critical civilians. Enabling students by knowledge and skills will help to form a democratic attitude.” ¹

This is the definition of citizenship education. On the same website the goal of citizenship education is beautifully defined:

“Dealing with diversity and striving for social cohesion are goals of education. Students live in a pluriform society. School for them is a practice area for democracy and diversity.”

Our dance show connects to citizenship education, which makes the show for schools an interesting possibility. Through our professional approach, kids come in contact with arts and culture, kids get moving and discover dancing as form of expression. At the same time they are challenged to start thinking about themes like diversity and identity. In short, a three-in-one learning experience.