Colliding Lines

This piece is about the quest of every man to find deeper connection. Deeper connection with oneself, the earth, the other, the universe, God..

Do we need to surrender completely on the ground, humble and reverent? Or do we need to stand up tall and reach for the skies?

Colliding Lines is a play between these horizontal and vertical lines, and everything in between. Sometimes harmoniously mesmerizing, sometimes seperated, twisted and crooked.

We all search the same, we all search alone. Will we ever be found?


Choreograaf: Anneloes van Schuppen
Company: AVIV Dance Company
Dansers: Birgit Juch, Lorenzo Capodieci, Eva Bons, Anneloes van Schuppen
Lengte van het stuk: 10 minuten
Muziek: Ludovico Einaudi – Low Mist Var. 2 – Day 1 & Joep Beving – Sleeping Lotus
Doelgroep: Volwassenen