Soon (I) hope

Deze videoclip is voortgekomen uit AVIV Projects

Theme: Your battle in life is when God’s power and your own thoughts and strengths meet. Why do we call this a battle? This is because God cannot control your life when you can’t surrender yours. When we set our hopes on people, money, success or even family, we get discouraged. These things can let you down by the second, while you thought they were trustworthy. There comes a time when life hits you hard, when there is no hope at all. Where do you turn? What if you could stop trying? It’ll take 100%, not 75%, nor 95%. It takes 100% of trust and surrendering to God. Even in the midst of trials. I can’t do it and I’ll stop trying. A battle of being strong and weak on your own, or in victory with Christ. Soon (i) hope.

Project Details

Choreograaf: Daniëlle Minnee
Company: AVIV Projects (AVIV dance company)
Videograaf: Corne Van Duijn ‘Corbusiness’
Dansers: Anneloes van Schuppen, Noa Tielens, Dionne Bakker, Lisa Doolaard, Samantha Cimmino