Ashes for Lazarus

Ashes for Lazarus Taken from a Biblical passage about a man named Lazarus, a friend of Jesus, who had died. His sisters wept and grieved with only hope for a heavenly resurrection. Jesus performed a miracle and gave life from the buried ashes. We all have ashes, place, possessions and people that have perished in time. To find new life, we must surrender these ashes and find new paths of beauty.


Choreograaf: Randel Flinn (Director Ad deum dance Company)
Company: AVIV Dance Company. Deze solo zal gedanst worden door Birgit Juch (rechter persoon in het filmpje van deze danstraining)
Lengte van het stuk: 7 minuten
Muziek: Ashes – Andy Monroe
Doelgroep: Volwassenen